1972-2017 Honda Civic VTEC Engine Guard

Part: BP-A-651


  • Non-VTEC block - All Years Honda Civic B-Series Engine Models

  • Our Brand New VTEC Conversion Engine Guard Kit works with all B-Series Engines.
  • Protects your low end for High Reving VTEC or forced induction engines from deflection and distortion.
  • Perfect addition to nearly any horsepower rating and can withstand prolonged race applications.
  • Comes complete with our decreasing radius dowels, making for a precise fitment and installation.
  • CNC design and high strength T6 aircraft aluminum build.
  • Additional OE parts needed for the girdle conversion are: GSR Oil Pan, GSR Oil Pickup, GSR Windage Tray, GSR or Type R Main Cap Bolts.
  • Comes with full installation instructions and installs easily

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