Black Path 2024 Father's Day Sale
Black Path 2024 Father's Day Sale

1978-1993 Ford Mustang Torque Plates Control Arm Box Support Kit

Part: BP-A-784

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  • 1978-1993 Ford Mustang
  • Black Path is proud to present this Upper and Lower Torque Plates for the 1978 - 1993 Ford Mustang.
  • These plates are used to reinforce the torque box and to add extra strength and durability to the rear end.
  • The torque box is near the area in which the upper and lower control arm attache to the chassis.
  • When it is not reinforced, the area can become fatigued from a V8 engine or during heavy acceleration.
  • If neglected, this can cause serious damage to the driveline.
  • Installing this kit will not only prevent chassis damage, but also will improve handling and acceleration and lower your ET.
  • Designed from Stamped and Welded Steel.
  • Kit comes with all necessary hardware included.

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