1997-2007 Pontiac GTO LS Engine Aluminum Straight Thermostat Housing

Part: BP-A-788

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  • GM LS Series Engines (LS1, LS2, LS6, LS7) GM Vortech Engines (4.8L 5.3L 6.0L) 
    *Some models require alternate hose to accommodate straight outlet. **Does not fit 2008 and newer LS3 LS7 LS9 LSA L76 L92.
  • Our Brand New LS Engine Billet Aluminum Straight Thermostat Housing is a must upgrade for your LS-Equipped vehicle or for custom fitment during an engine swap.
  • Engineered to provide up to 25% better coolant flow from factory units and is a solution for the restricted coolant flow associated with the factory thermostat housing.
  • Uses a straight design to prevent cavitation at high RPMs by reducing coolant turbulence.
  • Prevents corrosion and matches thermal expansion of the water pump and prevents leaks and maintains structural integrity through countless heat cycles.
  • Our design also provides a convenient hose option on custom applications.
  • Precision CNC machined from 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum.
  • Kit includes High-Temp chemical resistant gasket for extreme performance applications.
  • New hardware included to replace the corroded factory bolts when installing.
  • Installs easily within minutes.

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