1999-2014 Yamaha YZF R1 0-4" Adjustable Lowering Link

Part: BP-M-452

Sold Out

    • 1999-2014 Yamaha YZF R1*

*Will not work on 99-01 R1 if stock triangle has been flipped

  • New adjustable lowering link will drop your bike to the exact ride height you desire.
  • The turnbuckle design allows you to adjust the height anywhere from 0-4".
  • Adjust it anytime with a simple turn of the center hex body, no need to remove and reinstall the linkage.
  • The end links are machined from high-carbon steel for superior strength while the body is CNC machined from aerospace-grade billet aluminum.
  • Anodized black for maximum protection.
  • Includes two American made heavy duty rod ends.
  • We want to make sure our links will NEVER fail on you!
  • Lowering your ride increases personal comfort when having to stop in traffic or at a red light.
  • All necessary hardware is included.
  • Comes with full installation instructions and installs easily.

**Lowering a vehicle may require additional components for the vehicle to operate correctly and safely. It is the responsibility of the installer to verify the vehicle is operating correctly and safely after the installation of any aftermarket components.

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