2011-2013 Yamaha FZ8 AIS Engine Block Off Plate

Part: BP-M-673

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    • 2011-2013 Yamaha FZ8
*For race/off highway use only.

  • Our kit is the perfect, no-fuss way to eliminate bike's factory air injection system.
  • The factory system has several drawbacks including making it difficult to properly tune your bike.
  • Drawbacks are due to the "fresh" air being injected into the exhaust causing O2 sensor readings to be incorrect.
  • This modification also significantly reduces the ignition of fuel vapors (backfires) in the exhaust systems.
  • It helps you to preserve your expensive exhaust system and prevent damage to the internal muffler packing.
  • CAD engineered for precise fitment and CNC machined from 6061-T6 heat treated billet aluminum for strength.
  • Prevents warping from high engine temperatures which could lead to vacuum leaks.
  • The plates have been anodized black with a hi-temp coating.
  • Promotes a better surface seal and also provides a clean, finished look.
  • Also included is a vacuum cap for the lower air box port.
  • Prevents unfiltered air from entering the intake system.
  • Our kits are high strength and integrity.
  • Comes with full installation instructions and installs easily.

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