Black Path 2024 Father's Day Sale
Black Path 2024 Father's Day Sale

Cam Lock Tool for Honda models with VTEC B-Series Engines

Part: BP-A-807

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  • Honda VTEC B-Series Engines 

  • Our Brand New B-Series Cam Lock Tool is the fastest, easiest way to retain accurate cam timing when servicing your engine's timing belt or components which require timing belt removal.
  • Once the upper timing cover is removed, simply line up your cam gear marks.
  • Cam gear marks point in towards each other, then line up in the window of the tool and slide the tool into place.
  • They always retain accuracy in holding the timing marks true.
  • The precision machined sprocket teeth will accurately lock the cam timing for service.
  • ZERO percent possibility of slippage.
  • This tool is also equipped with the updated clearance hole for the plastic covers.
  • These cam lock tools were built with professional service and use in mind.
  • These tools will outlast any number of timing jobs you may ever perform.
  • Our tool is heavy duty and very easy to use when changing timing belts.

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