Generator Kit For All Years Generac 1600

Part: BP-A-1017


  • All Years Generac 1600

  • Get Our Brand New Combo Kit for your Generac generator, to keep it running like new.
  • Includes a magnetic tip dipstick, oil change tube and an extended run fuel cap system.
  • Comes with diamond pattern grips for easy install and removal.
  • Dip stick reduces costly repairs by removing damaging metallic shavings from your generators oil.
  • Oil change tube makes oil changing easier and with less mess.
  • Extended run fuel cap system makes adding fuel to your running generator simple.
  • Completely seals once threaded eliminating all possibilities of potential seepage.
  • CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and silver anodized to ensure resistance to corrosion.

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