Black Path 2024 Memorial Day Sale
Black Path 2024 Memorial Day Sale

Honda B-Series B20 Girdle With Block Guard Conversion Set VTEC Includes Dowel Pins

Part: BP-A-846


    • B20 (Non-VTEC Only)
    • B20B (Non-VTEC Only)
    • B20Z (Non-VTEC Only)

  • Block guards help prevent catastrophic engine failure.
  • Our girdle and guard kit is designed to add strength and rigidity to your block.
  • CAD designed and CNC machined from 7075-T6 Aluminum making it 20% stronger than most other aluminum kits sold.
  • The properties of this metal allow the block guard to expand and contract at the same rate as your engine block
  • Substantially reduces the potential for sleeve breaches during extended use.
  • Will not warp nor fracture under high pressure and create destructive hotspots around the cylinders.
  • Designed to turn an open deck to a semi-closed dec and increases support to your engine cylinder walls.
  • Maximizes the flow of coolant to key areas of the cylinder head and allows concentrated heat dissipation from potential hotspots.
  • Reduces micro-fractures from forming due to unstable flex. substantially reducing the potential for sleeve breaches during extended use.
  • Comes complete with our decreasing radius dowels, making for a precise fitment and installation.
  • Additional OE parts needed for the girdle conversion are: GSR Oil Pan, GSR Oil Pickup, GSR Windage Tray, GSR or Type R Main Cap Bolts.

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